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Marriage rings
What are the types of marriages in Kenya? This article is part of a continuing series on Marriages and Succession. Click here to read part 1 of this article. Introduction  Before the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya…


An introduction to the various ways of estate planning Covid-19 upended many things. It challenged globalisation at unprecedented levels and changed our understanding of the universe, vaccines and priorities. Yet, one gloomy cloud hovered everywhere: the reality of…


Last month, Kenyans were treated to a fiasco when a lady accused two gospel artists of taking advantage of her sexually...


What God has joined together, let no man separate...


“It is true that under the Sexual Offences Act, a child below 18 years old cannot give consent to sexual intercourse. However, where the child behaves like an adult...

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Congratulations Elvis Wakaba, you are a young emerging scholar, academic thinker, and a writer in the legal field. I have no doubt you will make an exceptional lawyer soon. Writing is for the selected few, keep up! You can visit the blog for more insightful articles.

Joseph gitonga

Director, Username Investments

Great work! You provided such useful information while giving a very interesting story. Can’t wait for the next article

jacqueline mwololo

Lawyer, Kenya

This has changed my perspective. It’s clear we are not doing enough. This article needs to reach the ministry of Agriculture and security. Pls, do.


Entrepreneur & Tech Guru 

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