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The corona-virus has decimated the world economy. With numbers in Africa on an upward trajectory...
Big data has created companies that enjoy significant control over our data. Few individuals have access to the data of billions of people. Technically, mainly a few large companies with advanced technological feats can handle such data.
The increase in e-commerce continues to facilitate the spike of online counterfeit product listings, leaving consumers vulnerable to fake goods. The boom in counterfeiting is not only limited to e-commerce platforms but has also gradually trickled down to social media platforms..
The COVID 19 Pandemic caught the entire world off guard, and all the countries have felt its weight. The virus has not spared any business, be it multi-national corporations or small enterprises. Due to the containment measures put in place, many companies have been unable to operate and have been forced to lay off most of their workforce
Nothing captures the current corona situation, like the HIV outbreak. There was a slow response to the AIDS outbreak in 1980. Indeed, various myths arose; the virus was a creation of the USA to finish Africa, and certain Protestants argued that HIV was a curse from God for gays...
The corona-virus has decimated the world economy...Each nation wants to pride itself on being the first to develop the vaccine. Yet, the question bugging many people is: should we award a patent to anyone who develops a vaccine?
Franchising is the safest investment option when you choose the best franchisor and have conducted appropriate due diligence.
A presidential task force mandated to deal with parastatal reforms proposed the merger of the three intellectual property agencies..
The nature of an employment relationship is contractual; employees offer services under a contract in exchange for remuneration...

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Congratulations Elvis Wakaba, you are a young emerging scholar, academic thinker, and a writer in the legal field. I have no doubt you will make an exceptional lawyer soon. Writing is for the selected few, keep up! You can visit the blog for more insightful articles.

Joseph gitonga

Director, Username Investments

Great work! You provided such useful information while giving a very interesting story. Can’t wait for the next article

jacqueline mwololo

Lawyer, Kenya

This has changed my perspective. It’s clear we are not doing enough. This article needs to reach the ministry of Agriculture and security. Pls, do.


Entrepreneur & Tech Guru 

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