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Can the United Nations conduct elections in Kenya?

In this piece, we explore the conundrum that faces Kenya every five years: elections. Elections in Kenya are divisive and many people do not trust the IEBC. In this post, we look at the call by some leaders to have the United Nations to conduct Kenyan elections. We examine the feasibility of the suggestion and offer a conclusion. Tap the link below to read more.

The Resource Curse in Africa

In this article, we analyze why African nations, despite having an enormous supply of resources, are ever poor. This sad state of affair is due to many factors such as failure to understand the principle of permanent sovereignty over natural resources. In this article, we explore this principle and answer what African nations can do to reclaim their sovereignty.


Expert Analysis: Investing in Land in Kenya

We bring in some of the best in the business to offer insights on topical issues. Some of them are leading luminaries in their respective fields. For example, we spoke to Mr. Kiama Gitonga, a Director & Executive at Username on best practices in land investments. Read below to see his insights

Vaccine Politics

COVID-19 has upended many lives. With the vaccine being discovered, we look at vaccine politics and how to deal with access. What can we do if big pharmaceitical companies decide to overcharge us? In this two part series, we look at vaccine politics, the history, and how to handle monopolies. Read more below

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